Binary Man Update: Removed the passing score

Based on feedback I decided to remove the passing score (minimum score needed on each level) to complete a level. The update is submitted to the Marketplace. You will be notified on your device when the update is ready to download. Smile


Project “Dinomites”

Just decided to share some screenshots from my upcoming game “Dinomites” (yes, it’s a project name). I participated in the Game Development Competition @ The Gathering 2012 and got 2nd place. Smile



2nd place at The Gathering – me with the star wars t-shirt Smile with tongue out

The game
The goal is to roll the egg from the start position to the scout (long neck):

Image is from my sketches using PowerPoint

You have to use different dinosaurs to get to the goal. Each dinosaur got a different functionality like throwing the egg in the air, bridge builders, inverse gravity and so on.

Each level is rated by a star. You can complete a level without getting any stars at all. But if you want to do the “little extra” in each level, you can hunt for bugs.

Each bug you collect give you a star, and each level contains five bugs.
Image is from my sketches using PowerPoint


In-game screenshots









Binary Man for Windows Phone is Free during the Easter!

The game Binary Man is published as free from today and during the Easter 2012! This game is an ultimate challenge where you have to solve puzzles really fast, as well as maneuvering correctly through each level. More and more challenges is added to the levels as soon as you start getting near your final destination. Winking smile

Get the game from the Windows Phone marketplace today:

Here is the making of Binary Man guide, learn how the game was born Smile

And a trailer for those of you who haven’t seen it yet: