Bandinos Released!


My new game Bandinos is released for Windows Phone! You can install the game from the Windows Phone Marketplace, just search for Bandinos, or go to the Bandinos-page and install it from there:

Note: A new version is being worked on to fix some minor issues with some of the levels and minor bugs, as well as getting the Leaderboard correctly sorted for the mini-games.

Also, if you find any other bugs, please comment on this page or send me an e-mail so I can correct them.



Enjoy the game Smile


Bandinos Wallpapers

Here are some wallpapers for the upcoming game Bandinos. Feel free to comment if you want me to upload more resolutions.

Clicking any image will take you to the collection hosted on Skydrive – the following resolutions exist in the collection:

Wallpaper 1

wallpaper1_720 1280×720
wallpaper1_1050 1680×1050
wallpaper1_1080 1920×1080



wallpaper3_720 1280×720
wallpaper3_1080 1920×1080
wallpaper3_1024 1024×768
Wallpaper3_1600-1200 1600×1200



Wallpaper4_720 1280×720
Wallpaper4_1080 1920×1080
Wallpaper4_1024 1024×768
Wallpaper4_1600-1200 1600×1200



wallpaper5_720 1280×720
wallpaper5_1920 1920×1080
Wallpaper5-1024 1024×768
Wallpaper5_1600-1200 1600×1200



Wallpaper6_720 1280×720
Wallpaper6_1920 1920×1080
Wallpaper6_1024 1024×768
Wallpaper6_1600 1600×1200



Wallpaper7 1280×720
Wallpaper7_1920 1920×1080
Wallpaper7-1024 1024×768
Wallpaper7_1600png 1600×1200



Wallpaper8_720 1280×720
Wallpaper8-1080 1920×1080
Wallpaper8-1024 1024×768
Wallpaper8-1600 1600×1200

Binary Man Free Released!

Binary ManThe game Binary Man has been downloaded 1000’s of times and a lot of players have been competing to be the top-player on each level.

Now a FREE version of Binary Man is released – giving everybody a chance to play the complete game.

The game is about a digital superhero controlled by a scientist, who must be able to recover LarsOtek’s new mainframe system – taken over by hackers.

The game is a 2D side scrolling game, and actually a combination of a action-shooter game and a puzzle game, where each enemy is a puzzle itself. The more effective you can kill the enemy, the more points you will get.

The game let’s you control Binary Man, fight through bugs, chunks and blocks of data in a digital world to reach your destination. It starts quite simple, but gets harder and harder.
Each level is rated with five stars, where one star is bad, and five stars is perfect. The score is stored both offline and online.



Grab your Windows Phone device and get the FREE game here: