Bandinos on Summer Sale!

Before the upcoming v1.5 release of Bandinos I decided to put the game on Summer Sale. Now you can buy the game for only $1.00 for a limited time!


You can buy or try the game here:

Enjoy Bandinos! Smile


Mini Games in Bandinos

Get the game here
BandinosThe game (v.1.3) is currently in the Marketplace. The next version (v.1.4) is expected to be out during this week including the new Egg Out! mini game.

You can download the game here:

Mini Games
Bandinos currently (v.1.4 – submitted, will be out in a few days) consists of two mini games (more in the making, provided as free updates), where each mini game got 8 unlockable levels. By tapping on the locked egg, you can see what you have to do to unlock the mini game (getting X number of five stars, completing a certain level and so on).



Online Scores
Each mini game come with an online high score list. You can change your name from the Mini Game Main Menu screen by tapping on the “SET NAME” button. This will be the name you use online.

Mini Game #1 – Baby on a roll! (v.1.0)

Ever played one of the side scrolling driving games where you have to either give gas, break or drive backwards? This is the same. Here, you are rolling the egg either left, or right. You control the speed, direction and breaking of the egg. Your goal is to roll the egg over the landscape and get the egg to a full stop at the Commandosaur’s legs (finish) as fast as possible.

Mini Game #2 – Egg Out! (v.1.4)

Remember the game Breakout where you have to bounce a ball and break blocks, while also avoid making the ball drop below the bottom of the screen?

In this mini game, you control Gaposaur who works like a trampoline. You most move him so the egg doesn’t fall below the bottom of the screen, and also get down as many of the boxes as possible. When the egg hits a box, the egg will bounce and the box will fall down. Now, the more boxes the egg hits, the more points you get. You can also bounce the boxes around. How many boxes can you keep in the screen while at the same time keep the egg under control?


Many more mini games are in the making, but while we are waiting for the next update (v.1.5) feel free to compete online with these two!