EVEision 8: Release 2 now in Windows Store

The new version of EVEision 8 is released and published in Windows Store.

The app can be found here:
EVEision in Windows Store

– Multiple accounts
– Reminders when training is done
– Bugfixing and UI modifications




Starcomet Release 2

imageThe first version of the game Starcomet was released for the General Availability of Windows 8. The game was incomplete, had few levels and the comet was slow.

This new update contains 30 new levels in 6 different galaxies, increased speed on the comet, in-game items and much more action.


I’m currently working on the last few changes so the game can be released.

Stay tuned!

Development Journal: Bandinos for Windows 8


First update from the development of Bandinos!

The project has just started, but the general game mechanics is getting ready. You can roll the egg, physics are implemented and it’s possible to complete a test level by getting the egg from A to B.

One dinosaur is also completed, the Hillosaur who creates a jump in the level.

For those who havent tried the game yet, it’s all about getting a dinoegg from the start point to the goal (a commandosaur)



// Petri Wilhelmsen

Announcing Bandinos for Windows 8!

Bandinos have been out on Windows Phone for a few months now with many players! I’m happy to announce that Bandinos will be available for Windows 8 if everything goes according to the plan. The date is not yet set, but I’s under development.


Keep checking back at this blog for development updates and more information during the coming months!