Starcomet Online released


The game Starcomet Online has been released, and available at the Windows Store:

Create, shape, customize and fly the most amazing comet it the galaxy! The game mechanics are very simple, but navigating the star system between distant asteroids can be very hard!

The game supports both an offline single player campaign, and an online real-time multiplayer game where you have to beat players from all around the world.
Who will have the highest level?
Who will be the best racer?
Who will have the coolest comet?
Who will rule the galaxy by making it to the top of the “Hall of Fame” list?

Millions of customization possibilities – Shape and customize your comet with 40 colors, 40 shapes and 3 rare artifacts to create a unique and awesome comet nobody else has.
Create a name, and get known in the galaxies of Starcomet Online!

Starcomet Online skjermbilde 3
Starcomet Online skjermbilde 5
Starcomet Online skjermbilde 2
Starcomet Online skjermbilde 1
Starcomet Online skjermbilde 4
Starcomet Online skjermbilde 0
Starcomet Online skjermbilde 6
Starcomet Online skjermbilde 7


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