Truck Trials Update: Daily Challenges, Top 50 Players, 1st Person View, Badges, Trick Boost, Stats and much more!

The latest version of Truck Trials has been published on both Windows Phone Store and Windows Store, with a lot of new neat updates for you to enjoy!

This update brings a lot of news, features and functions.

So, what’s new in this update?
– Challenges
– Top 50 list
– Better results screen
– Badges and Emblems for your truck and name
– Trick boost
– Stats on the main menu
– Premium Account
– 1st person view (for Premium Accounts)
– A lot of bug fixes and polish

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Here is a bit more information about each feature:

Mostly daily, but also long term challenges has been added to the game. These challenges will progress automatically, and when you complete it, you will get the reward straight to your player account.

Playing many dailies will also unlock special features like unique badges and emblems for show off towards your rivals.



Global top 50 players list
This feature has been awaited by many, but now you can finally see your own ranking even if you’re not on the top 3 list, or in the top 50 list. Also, the top 50 players list has been added so you can see how much points you need to get on the list, and how much the players ahead of you are leading!


Better results screen
The results screen has got a bit better with a nice litte trophy, a standing list, and icons that show how much you gained after a race.


Badges & Emblems
These special items are not buyable with Truck Credits. They are unlocked of you do something special. One is to be the developer of the game (the golden eagle you can see in the picture below), other is a silver eagle that all testers of the game gets. But also there is many badges that can be unlocked by doing stuff in game like by winning the Weekend Champions Cup, you will get a nice trophy badge and a name embelm so that all your rivals you race against can see that you have previously won the Cup Trophy!

Others are if you spend money on the game you can get the Donator and Investor badge, if you complete all time trial levels with a 3-star rating, unlocking the premium account and so on. You can change between all your unlocked badges in the Garage.image


Trick Boost
Do tricks with your truck for a chance to get a speed boost. This can be a great front flip or a back flip. Remember, you have to land your trick to get the boost!


Stats on main menu
Now you can get direct feedback on how you are performing directly form the start menu. These icons show if you have a premium account or not, your current global ranking, your win rate, and your current time trial rating.

New icons below your driver name.

Time Trial stat shows how many time trial shields you have been able to gather in total.


Premium Account
Premium account unlocks a unique premium account badge, the donator badge, gives you 100% extra truck credits when completing a race, removes ads, and also unlocks the 1st person camera view!



1st person view


You can enable 1st person view from the settings menu after unlocking the premium account.


Truck Trials Update–New levels and parts

300_4Good news for those of you who like to play Truck Trials – a new update with 4 new levels and new truck styling parts you can use to design your truck as now in store.

image image[8]

What’s new?

29 (2)
Sunside Cliffs

30 (2)

31 (2)
Frost Spike

32 (2)
The Cave

Lot’s of parts available for you to create your very own truck!
image image

image image[8]