Bandinos now FREE on Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8

Welcome back to the age of the Dinosaurs!


The game Bandinos and all the 50 levels is now free to play on both Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8. Feel free to try it out! Smile


Windows 8:
Download Bandinos for Windows 8

Windows Phone 8:
Download Bandinos for Windows Phone 8



image screenshot_05022013_143657

screenshot_05022013_143712 screenshot_05022013_143801

screenshot_05022013_143924 screenshot_05022013_144138

screenshot_05022013_144318 screenshot_05022013_144602

screenshot_05022013_144630_2 screenshot_05022013_144742

screenshot_05022013_145517 screenshot_05022013_144014


Bandinos for Windows 8 Release 1–Out now!


After a lot of work, Bandinos for Windows 8 is released and can be found in the Windows Store (it is also available for Windows Phone). The game can be played from both non-touch devices, and touch devices running Windows 8 RT and Windows 8 Pro.

This means that if you are running a normal desktop computer, workstation, tablet, laptop, notebook – any device running any version of Windows 8 – you can play the game using a touch screen or a mouse.

What is Bandinos?
BabyOnAROll65 million years ago, the world was ruled by dinosaurs.
One bright day they woke up and noticed that 50 of their dino-eggs are gone!
Luckily – the dinosaur age had superheroes.
Your job is to control the Bandinos, a dinosaur gang, to help 50 lost dino-eggs find their way home.
Using their various talents, they get the egg to roll across the environment.

The commandosaur spots the egg, and the rest gets the egg rolling however you want!


The game comes with 50 mind-bending puzzles for you to solve, with different ways to solve each of them. Each level contains collectable items – find and get them all in one roll to get good ratings, and unlockable mini-games! Getting the best rating on all levels unlocks new possibilities with the game, giving you an endless gaming experience.

When completing a level or a mini game, the scores will be upload to the world wide Bandinos leaderboard. Can you beat the rest of the world?

Solve the puzzles and get achievements for your hard work. Who knows, maybe you will be able to roll a total of 2000 km? Or find the hidden ancient artifacts in each world?

The game have a set of various unlockable mini-games, each with an online leaderboard so you can compete with fellow gamers.

New updates with more levels, achievements and mini-games will be released free as updates.

Get the game
Download Bandinos for Windows 8

Download Bandinos for Windows Phone 8


image screenshot_05022013_143657

screenshot_05022013_143712 screenshot_05022013_143801

screenshot_05022013_143924 screenshot_05022013_144138

screenshot_05022013_144318  screenshot_05022013_144602

screenshot_05022013_144630_2  screenshot_05022013_144742

screenshot_05022013_145517  screenshot_05022013_144014


Have a great weekend!

Bandinos v1.5 submitted for testing

The next version of Bandinos has been submitted for testing and will hopefully be available for download within a few days.

The new version comes with a lot of updates:
– Support for Windows Phone 8 devices
– Added a powergauge to the Hillosaur and the Phatosaur so you can control how much it will affect the egg when it hits
– Revisited all levels to make sure they all work with the new version. A lot of the levels got some changes in order to make them better
– The game is more friendly and flexible, making it easier to solve each level without having to be millimeter precise

Keep looking here to know when the new version hits the store.



Announcing Bandinos for Windows 8!

Bandinos have been out on Windows Phone for a few months now with many players! I’m happy to announce that Bandinos will be available for Windows 8 if everything goes according to the plan. The date is not yet set, but I’s under development.


Keep checking back at this blog for development updates and more information during the coming months!

Mini Games in Bandinos

Get the game here
BandinosThe game (v.1.3) is currently in the Marketplace. The next version (v.1.4) is expected to be out during this week including the new Egg Out! mini game.

You can download the game here:

Mini Games
Bandinos currently (v.1.4 – submitted, will be out in a few days) consists of two mini games (more in the making, provided as free updates), where each mini game got 8 unlockable levels. By tapping on the locked egg, you can see what you have to do to unlock the mini game (getting X number of five stars, completing a certain level and so on).



Online Scores
Each mini game come with an online high score list. You can change your name from the Mini Game Main Menu screen by tapping on the “SET NAME” button. This will be the name you use online.

Mini Game #1 – Baby on a roll! (v.1.0)

Ever played one of the side scrolling driving games where you have to either give gas, break or drive backwards? This is the same. Here, you are rolling the egg either left, or right. You control the speed, direction and breaking of the egg. Your goal is to roll the egg over the landscape and get the egg to a full stop at the Commandosaur’s legs (finish) as fast as possible.

Mini Game #2 – Egg Out! (v.1.4)

Remember the game Breakout where you have to bounce a ball and break blocks, while also avoid making the ball drop below the bottom of the screen?

In this mini game, you control Gaposaur who works like a trampoline. You most move him so the egg doesn’t fall below the bottom of the screen, and also get down as many of the boxes as possible. When the egg hits a box, the egg will bounce and the box will fall down. Now, the more boxes the egg hits, the more points you get. You can also bounce the boxes around. How many boxes can you keep in the screen while at the same time keep the egg under control?


Many more mini games are in the making, but while we are waiting for the next update (v.1.5) feel free to compete online with these two!

Bandinos Released!


My new game Bandinos is released for Windows Phone! You can install the game from the Windows Phone Marketplace, just search for Bandinos, or go to the Bandinos-page and install it from there:

Note: A new version is being worked on to fix some minor issues with some of the levels and minor bugs, as well as getting the Leaderboard correctly sorted for the mini-games.

Also, if you find any other bugs, please comment on this page or send me an e-mail so I can correct them.



Enjoy the game Smile

Bandinos Wallpapers

Here are some wallpapers for the upcoming game Bandinos. Feel free to comment if you want me to upload more resolutions.

Clicking any image will take you to the collection hosted on Skydrive – the following resolutions exist in the collection:

Wallpaper 1

wallpaper1_720 1280×720
wallpaper1_1050 1680×1050
wallpaper1_1080 1920×1080



wallpaper3_720 1280×720
wallpaper3_1080 1920×1080
wallpaper3_1024 1024×768
Wallpaper3_1600-1200 1600×1200



Wallpaper4_720 1280×720
Wallpaper4_1080 1920×1080
Wallpaper4_1024 1024×768
Wallpaper4_1600-1200 1600×1200



wallpaper5_720 1280×720
wallpaper5_1920 1920×1080
Wallpaper5-1024 1024×768
Wallpaper5_1600-1200 1600×1200



Wallpaper6_720 1280×720
Wallpaper6_1920 1920×1080
Wallpaper6_1024 1024×768
Wallpaper6_1600 1600×1200



Wallpaper7 1280×720
Wallpaper7_1920 1920×1080
Wallpaper7-1024 1024×768
Wallpaper7_1600png 1600×1200



Wallpaper8_720 1280×720
Wallpaper8-1080 1920×1080
Wallpaper8-1024 1024×768
Wallpaper8-1600 1600×1200