Truck Trials Update–New levels and parts

300_4Good news for those of you who like to play Truck Trials – a new update with 4 new levels and new truck styling parts you can use to design your truck as now in store.

image image[8]

What’s new?

29 (2)
Sunside Cliffs

30 (2)

31 (2)
Frost Spike

32 (2)
The Cave

Lot’s of parts available for you to create your very own truck!
image image

image image[8]



New update for Truck Trials–Better podium screen, track changes and bug fixes


The new update to Truck Trials is out, and should be ready as an update on your Windows 8.1 or Windows Phone device – if not, you can uninstall the game and download it, or wait for the update to be available automatically.

image image[8]

This update includes:
– Track changes, typical places where it’s too easy to get stuck is fixed (but remember, you are driving a heavy truck!)
– Log in messaging when starting the game on WP
– Better podium screen with results listing and the display of both racing trucks + what you earned.
– Bigger recover button
– Bug fixes
– Better in-air control

Enjoy, and hope to see you on track!


Truck Trials released for Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8


My latest game for Windows 8.1 (and soon Windows Phone 8) is released, and can be downloaded for free here:
image image[8]

The game takes you to a trial track where you have to maneouver a heavy truck through harsh environment, hills and jumps as fast as you can! You are free to design and change the look of your truck, change your name and play both in Time Trial and online 1 vs 1 race.

I got the inspiration for the logo from the american interstate road signs, and added a truck grill and mirrors to make it look a bit like a truck, but at the same time have similar looks to the NBA, NASCAR, NHL, MLB, NFL++ logos.

left-43868_640 image

It’s a connected game, so you need to be connected to the internet to be able to play. An account will be created for you when you first start the game.


30 tonnes, 200 km/h, 20 meters up in the air, welcome to Truck Trials, a high pace, side scrolling physics based racing game!
Create, design, and race a heavy truck against random players in the biggest truck trial racing tournament ever!
Unlock truck parts, put them together and give them a color to create a truck that fits your style! The top three players will see their design nicely lined up on the throne in the ranking screen!
Play against random players, win and earn credits, and become the ultimate truck racing champion!
Race against time! Can you beat your personal record?
The game requires internet connection. When playing for the first time, an account will be created for you.

TOUCH: Tilt your truck by touching on the left side of the screen, accelerate/break/reverse with gas pedal.

KEYBOARD: Accelerate with W, break/reverse with S, and tilt the truck with A and D – or use the same set up but with the arrow keys.

image image[8][4]

The Making of Starcomet Online


The Starcomet Project started in July 2013 where I wanted to learn both Unity3d and how Unity3d works when it comes to multiplayer games.

It started out as a simple Game Jam game where I spent a few hours on how I wanted the game to work. But after a while I actually enjoyed playing it so I decided to continue working on the game and finish it up (I tend to try and complete most of my projects) – creating a few worlds, making a complete backend in Windows Azure to store player info for the multiplayer games and so on.

In other words, the game is created in Unity3d, and exported as a Windows Store game – a just for fun project! Smile

The game is currently only available to Windows 8.1 users, but a Windows Phone 8 version is in the development.

See Section X for info about the download, or just follow this link (takes you to the Windows Store):


I .  T H E   C O M E T
The comet is really just a few particle engines combined.

Two to create the front, and two to create the tail. In addition to this, the player has the possibility to add an artifact that can add another shape or look.

These are fully customizable by the player. By playing the game, more colors and shapes to create the comet you want will be available – by either playing the game, or buy from the Star Shop.

The comet is driven by forces, bulling the comet down (gravity). This force can be channeled as a forward driving force by the player, making the comet move forward instead of down, or even up if adding much!


Every time you make a modification to the comets path, it needs to build up the acceleration.

The controls are simple, just press space or touch the screen to apply a force. Gain speed by going as straight as possible (either up, to the sides, or down). Turning a lot will make the comet loose some of the speed and thus, needs to accelerate again.

It’s based on the typical helicave game, where you need to fly a chopper through a cave.

A simple formula is used to modify how fast the comet will move forward. In other words, try to fly as straight forward as possible to reach the goal.



I I .   N A V I G A T I N G
Navigating is simple. You need to find goal, and the direction to the goal is always present by a direction arrow:


Follow the arrow, and you will find the goal!

But, the direction to the goal is only that, a direction to the goal. You will need to navigate the space, avoid obstacles, find keys and so on to get there. So simply following the arrow won’t always help!

Luckily, there is another tool you can use to fid your way, and that is a path made of stars. It can be seen in every level. Following this path will take you to the goal – but the rest is up to you! Smile


I I I .   C O M P L E T I N G   L E V E L S
Completing levels is as simple as getting to the goal as fast as possible.

This means you will need to find a path that is as straight as possible to the goal. Every level got different types of puzzles to solve, from flying fast, to navigating a labyrinth of asteroids and rocks.


Most of the levels contains a set of Orions that can be collected to save 0.5 seconds. By collecting 3 of them, 1.5 sec will be deducted from your total time!

When completing a level, the total time is used to give the player a rating based on their performance (stars).

The game comes with 5 galaxies in total, each with multiple levels inside. But plans for expansions is in place, if the game gets any downloads!


Also, by completing the level, the player earns Starcredits – an in-game currency that can be used to buy items from the store!



I V .   C U S T O M I Z E
A big part of the game is the possibility to customize and create your own comet. You can buy new colors and parts from the store, and unlock them by playing the single player game.

There are three main types of customization, colors, shapes and artifacts.

The colors lets you give each part of the comet their own color, the shape modifies the physical look and the artifact can do a lot of different stuff (like adding dust from the northern light to your tail, or make the comet solid ++).




This is implemented in a simple way, just a lookup on the selected ID, and then change the material based on that for each of the 4 different particle engines. Also, the selected colors of the comet modifies how the explosion will look!

The materials are all in the same folder, with the ID as the name for easy lookup.


V .   M U L T I P L A Y E R
The multiplayer race mode of the game is simply two (or four in later versions) comets that race against each other in real time. Create a unique looking comet, set a nickname and race against players from all over the world.

The selection of what level the players will compete in is random, but in one of the next versions, I will create shorter and simpler tracks for players with a low level, and longer and more complex for the veteran players.

The players gain XP by completing matches. The winner will get the most, but the looser will gain some. Also, the in-game currency Starcredits is also awarded.

The mechanism is very simple, the players customizations, tranformation, time and placements are communicated between each player in a peer-to-peer environment. When the player starts a multiplayer session, the player is given a unique room if no other rooms are available, or joining an existing room (automatically happening behind the scenes).

Starcomet Online skjermbilde 0

A timeline on the bottom of the screen is used to see where the other players are relative to you, and the view on the top-left is used to display who you are racing against, and what level they are.

To get smooth transformations between the players, the positions are interpolated between the last know position on the server, and the current local position. This is then communicated with the other players in the same room.



V I .   B U I L D I N G   W O R L D S

The game got one Unity scene for all the levels as there is a lot that is similar between everything – and then a prefab is created for each different level containing the position of the goal, each orions, keys (if any), doors (if any), the landscape and so on. When the game starts, the engine knows what prefab to load based on the level ID, and then instansiates it to the scene that represents the level.

Each of these prefabs are made in the Unity editor for simplicity (phew, didn’t need to write a Level editor for this game!!)


The items are just placed out in the prefab, and stored for loading by the game engine. Each item are tagged based on what they are (like solids, orions, goal) so the player can interact with them properly.

All these items are created as separate prefabs, so to add a wall, or a direction changer, or a key, all that is needed is to drag the proper prefab to the levels prefab and place it. The ground is created with the polygon tool.

Starcomet Online skjermbilde 2


V I I .   B A C K E N D   I N   W I N D O W S   A Z U R E
The games backend is hosted in Windows Azure using various services like Mobile Services and VMs. These can be simple lookup tables that tells us what level we are – based on total XP, how much XP we have, what unlocks has been done and what items from the store has been bought.

Also, transaction history and time stamps are stored for security reasons.
image image

The Windows Azure Mobile Services are free to host on a project on this scale, but if you are creating a big game with a lot of users, more options are available.


Also, a news feed located on the Main Menu of the game is displayed, so that I as the creator of the game can communicate with the players with different messaging. This can be news, known bugs (critical), competitions and happy holiday wishes.

I also added a function to the News System that enables me to give the reader of the news message an item. This can be like Santas hat on Christams eve and so on.


V I I I .  S H O P
The game comes with a shop, where you can create a premium subscription, and buy additional Starcredits.

The game is created in a way that you can earn Starcredits by just playing the game a lot. But, also, the player can buy more if a desired item is needed quickly.

I like to enable the player to play a lot and buy the needed items instead of buying it if he/she wants.





I X .   D O W N L O A D
You can download the game for FREE here:

A Windows Phone 8 version is in the development.

X .   T H A N K S

A special thanks to Thomas Beswick for helping me when needed (Unity was a new tool for me), to Tuuli for support and mybrothers Olav and Paul for testing.

Also, thanks to all the testers in the Beta Program – more versions are on the way so be ready! Smile

Bandinos Update 1.5 now in Windows Phone Store

The new version of Bandinos is now released and available on the Windows Phone Store.

You can download the free game (for now) from the store here:

Changes & Updates:
– Support for Windows Phone 8 devices
– Hillosaur and Phatosaur now comes with a power gauge. You can set this by tapping on the dino.

powergauge– Many of the levels has been slightly changed based on these new chages. All leves (old and new) has been changed to make sure it’s possible to get 5 stars.

– The game is more friendly and flexible, making it easier to solve each level without having to be millimeter precise.



Lumilight Release 2 is out

You got 60 seconds to beat the high score.

This game will test your accuracy and speed! Your goal is to gather as much light as possible from the fireflies. If you have the skills, you can build up combos to multiply the score you get.
The game comes with 3 different game modes and a tutorial.

– Added more statistics when finishing the game.
– Added SFX (can be disabled from Settings charm)
– Some bugfixes






The next version (Release 3) will soon be available. It will contain a lot of new features and overhauls. One of the major features is Online Leaderboards – Compete agains the world!

The Making of Lumilight, a game for Windows 8


Lumilight is a very simple game created for Windows 8, with Online Leaderboards hosted in Windows Azure. Your main goal is to gather as much light as possible from fireflies within 60 seconds.

The game is all about reacting quickly, and hitting the target as soon as possible.

You can download the game here: Download now

Note: The latest release will be out in a few days (Written on: April 3rd 2013)

1 – How the game works

The game comes with 3 different game modes:


The single fly mode will only have one fly visible at the same time. It’s all about having one target and following that. A fly will spawn when another looses all light.

The multi fly mode got multiple flies you can take out, and more will spawn as the time goes. A new fly will also spawn when another looses all light.

The Chaos mode is what it says, chaos. It spawns a lot of flies. How many can you take out? Get help from friends and tap those flies!

To get light, you just have to tap them. Each firefly needs to be tapped 5 times before you gather the light.


This image show the different stages, from full light on the left, to almost depleted on the right.

When the firefly it all out of light it will disapare, and you will get +1 light.

When you hit a firefly, a bonus combo will start. The more fireflies you hit without missing, the higher the bonus multiplier will get.


If you miss, the combo multiplier will reset, and the amount of points you get will go back to normal.

Each tap will give you some points, and for each light you gather you will get a lot of points. You will also loose a small amount of points if you miss (also resetting the multiplier).

Screenshot (3)

The interface gives you some information like who the player is (can be set from the settings charm in Windows 8), the time left, your current combo, how many lights you have gathered and your total score.

When the round is over, you get to a screen that shows you some stats like how many lights you got, the total score, your longest combo streak this round and the accuracy. Also, you will see both the local highscore and the online leaderboard. Can you beat the best?

Screenshot (4)
Local leaderboard

Screenshot (5)
Online leaderboard

2 – Game logic

The game logic is simple. When you tap a fly, it will give you points. When you gather a light, you will get more points. And if you have a bonus multiplier, that score will be multiplied.

For each fly you take out, another will spawn. The faster and more accurate you are, the more points will you get.

You got 60 seconds.

A.I: The life of a firefly
The fly will randomly move based on a simple A.I (Artificial Intelligence) routine. When it spawns, a random coordinate on the screen will be given as the “spawnpoint”, and a random starting direction will be given. Then the fly flies around on the screen in “jumpy” movements, and might decide to change the direction along the X-axis, or how much it will move up or down.

If the fly is hit, a sound effect is played and the fly might decide to change the direction, or follow the same path it had.


3 – Technical details

The game is implemented using HTML5 and JavaScript with addition of the ImpactJS Library modified for Windows 8. The online leaderboard is implemented in Windows Aure and JavaScript.

Sound effects are simply recorded in a silent room using human voices.

4 – Online highscores in Windows Azure

The most awesome part of this game is the implementation of Windows Azure and how simple it was. It took me about 50 minutes to get my online leaderboard for the game set up and working from in game.

I would recommend everyone to take a look at Windows Azure and the Mobile Services. There is a free trial where you can try it out, or if you are a BizSpark member (free membership), or an MSDN subscriper, you get a lot for free so check out your possibilities. But the cost of this solution ( a simple mobile service with 1gb SQL database) is very cheap.

I decided to add how I implemented Windows Azure in this solution as it’s so simple. So here comes a guide on how I added support for Windows Azure in this solution!

You can follow this guide to implement Windows Azure Mobile Services in any of your own solutions.

First of all, I needed a Windows Azure subscription. Since I had one from before, it was just about signing in at

Next, I needed a mobile service that my app could use. When logged in to the portal I was presented with my Azure Account, an overview and the possibility to add a new service.

Click the New button.

A new menu will pop up. Select Compute –> Mobile Service –> Create to start a wizard where you can implement your mobile service.

The wizard will take you through everything you need to set it up:


In the first screen, set the URL to something spesific for your project, like the name of the game. You can create a new database (if you dont have one from before), select your supscription (if you have multiple like I do) and what region you want your service to be in.


Hit the tick to create your new service and database. It will take a few seconds for Azure to set everything up for you but THAT’S IT for creating a new service and a database (no need to install and set this up for yourself and spend a day on doing that).

Now, when the service is ready, you can see it in the overview, or in the Mobile Services tab.


Click on the arrow next to the name of the newly created service to start confiuring it and implement it.

You will be presented with a screen like this:

Now, I already had my app created so I clicked on the “Connect an existing Windows Store app”.

A short list of steps that you can follow to implement everything will be shown:

The first is installing the SDK. Click the link and install what you need.


The next thing you need is to Add the Windows Azure Mobile Services Javascript Client extention to your project in Visual Studio 2012. I chose JavaScript here because my solution is JavaScript and HTML5 based.

To do this, just add a reference like you normally do in Visual Studio.


Then I added the client object that is used to invoke our Mobile Service currently running in the cloud.

var client = new Microsoft.WindowsAzure.MobileServices.MobileServiceClient( “”, “your own key” );

That’s what you need in your app in order to invoke whatever you have in your Mobile Service. Smilefjes

Now, we need a table in our SQL database that will contain our data.


Click the “Create Item Table” button and a new table is created.

Now, let’s change the table so it fits our needs. Go to the Databases tab from the main overview of the Azure Portal.

Press the arrow of your databse to go to the database tools. From there, press Manage.

Now you have to log in to your database. Enter the creadentials you proveded when you created the database and log in.

When in, click on the Design tab and select the Item table you created above.

Change the table so it looks like this, but make sure it fits your needs.

Press Save! We are now ready to invoke our mobile service. Let’s just take a quick look at it just so you know where you can find it.

From the Mobile Services project page in Azure, find the Data tab and click it.

Open the Item table by clicking the arrow:

Click on the Scripts tab to see all the scripts that are available for this table.

You can also add functionality here. Select Insert or Read or Update or Delete and change the code based on your needs (You might want Read() to only return X number of results, sorted in one way ++).

Ok, let’s add data to this table. Open your solution in Visual Studio 2012 and add the two fucntions below (modify to make it fit your table in Azure):

The getScoreBoardfromAzure funtion gets all results that fits the current GameMode (could be a spesific Level also), ordered by Score, and take the top 10. Once this function is done, it adds the results to a list.

   1: getScoreBoardFromAzure: function () {

   2:     var _that = this;

   3:     this.scoreTable.where({ GameMode: this.gameMode })

   4:         .orderByDescending("Score").take(10)

   5:         .read()

   6:         .done(function (results) {

   7:             _that.scoreItems = new WinJS.Binding.List(results);

   8:         });

   9: },

The insertScoreToAzure function adds an item to the table in Windows Azure. Once a new entry is added, update the table in your local client.

   1: insertScoreToAzure: function (scoreItem) {

   2:     var _that = this;

   3:     this.scoreTable.insert(scoreItem).done(function () {

   4:         _that.getScoreBoardFromAzure();

   5:     });

   6: },

Go to the code where you want a new entry to Windows Azure to be added and call the function above like this (change so it fits your table):

   1: this.insertScoreToAzure({

   2:     Name: this.playerName,

   3:     Score: this.score,

   4:     GameMode: this.gameMode

   5: });

Go back to Windows Azure and see your new data in action!

Make sure to crate a screen that renders the content of the list that contains the data the server returns to you when needed, or have a seperate page show it, or the snap view mode of the game.

So, this is how I imlemented the first version of my Online Leaderboards hosted in Windows Azure for Lumilight.

5 – Get the game

The game is NOT YET updated with the Online Leaderboards but the game can be found for free in Windows Store. If you install it, you will get a notification/update when the newest (Release 3) version of the game is out.

Get the game now!

You can also follow Wilhelmsen Studios on facebook to get the latest news.